Digital ADAS by Brain Bee - the solution that completely changes the maintenance of ADAS systems

The revolutionary system by Brain Bee is simple and easy, making maintenance of ADAS systems accessible to all workshops.

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Designed to provide a safe and comfortable drive, ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) are increasingly more common in the latest generation of vehicles.

To help professionals repair these sophisticated, active safety devices, Supertracker provides a revolutionary, multi-brand ADAS calibration system from BrainBee. Able to meet the diverse needs of automotive professionals, be it glass replacement specialists, body-shop technicians or multi-brand workshops.

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Why choose Brain Bee Digital ADAS?

With the targetless digital system, no additional panel is required.

  • Easy to use - all of the operations can be carried out by just one operator
  • Accurate results - full HD 4K monitor ensures extreme accuracy under any lighting condition
  • Efficient - can be aligned and positioned in a maximum of 5 minutes 
  • Digital - saves space in the workshop
  • Wifi Connection - ensures systems and calibration procedures are always up to date
  • Keystone system - for maximum accuracy
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Not yet offering ADAS calibration services?

It is estimated that in 2020, 50% of all newly registered cars will have some form of driver assistance system fitted, with countries in Europe surpassing worldwide averages for ADAS system installs.


When should you offer ADAS calibration service?
ADAS - Time to get ahead of the competition

Time to get ahead of the competition

94% of all road accidents are caused by human error – either dangerous choices or mistakes made behind the wheel - and the European Council are looking to reduce this significantly by introducing new rules by 2022. These will apply to UK drivers whether we leave the EU or not.

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