Truck Camera Calibration Panels - UKG5050

Some truck and commercial vehicle manufacturers require specific equipment for the proper calibration of driver assistance systems, which include cameras, radars and sensors that govern the Adaptive Cruise Control.

Through TEXA, Supertracker offers an adjustment system that includes a measuring bar, panels divided by make – dedicated to cameras and laser devices – that are essential for the correct alignment and calibration of WABCO, TRW and TRW/Knorr radars. 


Calibration Module

Calibration frame for advanced driver assistance systems. An aluminium measuring beam carries the position targets for the correct alignment with the vehicle. Includes Calibration panels for MAN, SCANIA, IVECO & VOLVO


Measuring heads

2x Adjustable Heads for the rear axle, including lasers for the alignment of the calibration module. Attachment by magnetic feet and tyre clamps.

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