Argos Drivethru Reception Lane

Imagine a full alignment check in seconds to all vehicles coming into the workshop.

The Argos Drivethru - the brand new inspection system that, positioned in the reception area of the workshop, detects in a few seconds all the incoming vehicles that show anomalies and need adjustments.


Minimum effort, maximum performance

Minimum effort, maximum performance

The measurement is fully automatic, without clamps, targets or sensors, and allows complete results, including partial toe and steering wheel angle.

Drivethru offers a fast, complete and highly professional service that results in an increase in workshop turnover and in a greater customers’ loyalty. The sale of the alignment service is supported by a clear and easy-to-understand diagnosis report of vehicle anomalies with the related symptoms.

Argos Drivethru quickly provides vehicle technical specifications, thanks to the Fast Specs Search function and to the number-plate recognition function, available as an option.


Full alignment check in seconds

Full alignment check in seconds

  • Place Argos Drivethru in the reception lane of your shop; it is adaptable to any work environment

  • Increase customers' satisfaction levels by offering a fast, complete and highly professional service

  • Offer your customers maximum transparency with clear and immediately understandable diagnostic reports

  • Increase your turnover by checking all incoming vehicles in a few seconds and identifying those that show anomalies and need adjustments

  • Eliminate efforts thanks to fully automated procedures with consequent time savings
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How does the CEMB Argos Drivethru compare?

  CEMB Argos Drive Thru Hunter Engineering Company Quick Check Drive Corghi R.E.M.O Rapide
Identification of full alignment  Measurement of Camber, Cross Camber, Partial Toe, Total Toe, Steering Wheel  Rough indication (ok/not ok) of Camber, Total Toe Measurement of Camber, Cross Camber, Total Toe 
No stopping      
Databank  3 years free updates 2 years free updates  12 month databank 
Real-time Specs      
Customizable printout      
Monitor  27" with column support
50" with wall mount
22" with QCD92
24" with QCD72 
27" supplied only with Business Version 
Printer      Supplied only with Business Version
Sending report directly to customer  SMS, WhatsApp, Email SMS  WhatsApp
Licence plate camera    High definition camera optional  
Known vehicle licence plate recognition      (QR Code)
New vehicle licence plate recognition    Available only in USA and part of Canada  
Body damage camera      
Overall dimensions  Less than 50% of space required Twice the space of a normal garage bay is required for driving through, decelerating and stop