ER100EVO Wheel Balancer

Top range full automatic wheel balancer & diagnostic center. Ergonomic design WBA Wheel best access (wide space to work inside the rim). New revolutionary 3D laser scanner manufactured in-house for automatic reading of wheel measurements in one very fast single spin, including: rim eccentricity - tyre eccentricity - matching possibility - tread depth - wheel conicity - tyre
set (indicates the best wheel position on the vehicle). Hubmatch. OPB One plane balancing and AutoAdaptive mode innovative programs. Pneumatic locking of the wheel. Automatic positioning and extreme accuracy in weight placement thanks to 3D laser scan. Side Laser for the application of clip-on weights at 12 o’clock. Powerful Led light to illuminate better inside the rim. TFT Touch screen. Software to handle statistics. Automatically driven wheel positioning with DC motor. New USB Ethernet port

  • 3D Laser Scan - Extraordinary accuracy and speed in 3D acquisition of wheel sizes with exact positioning of adhesive weights

  • Automatic rotation and wheel position lock

  • External Laser Scan - Complete wheel diagnosis including tire conicity and wear analysis in three different areas

  • Side Laser - Line laser indicator on the upper part of the wheel to ease the application of clip-on weights in the exact position

  • One Plane Balancing – increases efficiency by using just one counterweight to balance the wheel, minimizing both static and dynamic imbalance

  • AutoAdaptive Mode – the new tolerance calculation system

  • ALU-S Balancing mode - Adhesive weights on the internal rim planes with specific counterweight position indicator (position repeater)

  • Pneumatic wheel locking 

  • Balancing speed - 100rpm
  • Adjustable rim width - 1.5 - 20inch
  • Adjustable diameter - 10 - 30inch
  • Machine weight - 220kg

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