Braiswick Tyres

A Step Up in Wheel Alignment Service at Braiswick Tyres

Based in Colchester, Braiswick Tyres is one of the town's leading independent and progressive tyre retailers. Exclusively family-owned and managed by Phil Chappell.

Chairman Phil is joined in the enthusiastic management team by his wife, Pam and two sons Matt and Adam, who are all Directors. The company took the ambitious step forward to upgrade their wheel alignment facilities several months ago to a Supertracker STR 420RW aligner which has instantly proved to be an impressive investment.

When asked why Braiswick had chosen a Supertracker aligner, Phil pointed out that an increasing amount of modern cars, including 4x4s, have a very high specification. In his opinion, only the most professional aligners can cope with giving exact readings, therefore giving drivers a completely accurate reading and printout.

Phil adds, “This is why we chose Supertracker as it is a recognised and proven leading brand and the STR420 has already become an essential piece of equipment in our tyre service area. Although the process of alignment takes a little longer than some standard 4 wheel laser aligners, there is no doubt it is showing even more accurate readings on certain vehicles. We have received comments from customers whose vehicles have been aligned by the STR420 stating how pleased they are with the way the alignment has been handled.”

On the subject of how important wheel alignment is in today's fast-moving automotive and tyre industry, Phil firmly believes it is extremely essential and even more so in recent years with the continuing deterioration of UK roads which is having a huge impact on a car's tracking and alignment.

Finally, we asked Phil if he felt there was anything that could be improved in the whole wheel alignment procedure and he told us, “Although modern alignment facilities are already at a very professional level, one area that could be improved even further was in the data received from the printout as a lot of tyre dealers and garage owners are sometimes confused by the readings which can make it difficult to explain to customers exactly what alignment tests have been carried out on their vehicle."