Achieve Best Practice with Supertracker!

With a growing independence on suspension and steering, wheel alignment has become increasingly popular. Many tyre shops and garages now offer the service, but how many can confidently provide this to a high standard?

Correct wheel alignment can lengthen tyre life, improve vehicle stability and increase fuel efficiency - and therefore should be an essential part of car maintenance.

Due to unavoidable potholes and kerbs, every car will require wheel alignment at some point therefore it is vital to deliver a first class service - ensuring customers feel confident to use your services in the future.

A professional, accurate and informative reading is essential to deliver the results required. This involves quality training to ensure that you are fully skilled in all aspects of wheel alignment.

Training & Support with Supertracker

At Supertracker, we offer a range of certified training courses to suit all levels. Whether you are new to wheel alignment or if you are more advanced and looking to grow your knowledge - we have the course to suit you! Find out more! 

Our training is suitable for businesses such as:

  • Repair centres
  • Car manufactures
  • Insurance companies
  • Colleges
  • Fast fit centres
  • General garages