Discover how we can help with ADAS Calibration

Modern cars are full of extra gadgets to make driving easier and safer, this includes additions like ADAS – Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.

ADAS features are becoming increasingly popular with car manufacturers and so the need for calibration of these components will continue to grow over the upcoming years - having a significant influence on the type of work carried out in garages.

A lot of the ADAS features are dependent on groups of cameras and sensors, typically located behind the grille, on the bodywork and windscreen mounted. These cameras and sensors are a core component of the ADAS system, therefore if the vehicle’s windscreen needs to be replaced then the camera would also have to be calibrated to ensure the ADAS system is working correctly to allow the driver to safely rely on the results it produces.

Calibration rigs and kits:

Failure to calibrate a camera or sensor when necessary, after a windscreen change for example, can cause ADAS to operate improperly. Neglecting the need for calibration may also raise questions about the quality of a garage’s work - some of the issues that can potentially occur from a faulty system include:

  • A warning light or message on the instrument panel
  • A diagnostic trouble code being stored in the vehicle’s computer memory
  • Steering wheel vibration
  • Vehicle steering pull
  • Increased steering effort

Workshops that do not have the facilities to correct ADAS calibration issues will need to refer the customer to the dealer if a problem arises. However, at Supertracker, we provide calibration rigs, allowing you to carry out this service at your workshop. The rigs vary in size and functionality with different options available to suit your workshop requirements.

When should you offer ADAS calibration service?

  • After a road traffic accident
  • During maintenance and servicing
  • After windscreen replacement
  • After carrying out repairs that affect wheel alignment

Supertracker have teamed up with TEXA to be able to supply ADAS calibration equipment enabling workshops to offer calibration services to their customers.

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