There’s a new kit on the block - discover the new ADAS CCD kit from Supertracker

The new ADAS CCD Kit from Supertracker allows you to use your STR420RW or STR130RW Supertracker wheel aligner with your existing ADAS calibration boards. This replaces the standard laser positioning system that most suppliers provide and reduces the needs for additional equipment and manual calculations.

ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems) have been developed to help automate driving, reducing human error.  ADAS fitted vehicles are able to control Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Departure Warnings, Parking Assist, Adaptive Headlights and much more. These systems can be affected by mechanical alignment adjustments making it imperative that they’re checked regularly.

ADAS calibration and wheel alignment go hand in hand.

This is why the Supertracker ADAS CCD kit is the perfect package – it allows efficiency in set-up for the ADAS calibration panels, therefore resulting in a better service and increased throughput of vehicles.

Before calibrating any ADAS sensors it is necessary to check the wheel alignment. Instead of relying on two separate systems, the ADAS CCD kit enables you to use your existing Supertracker computerised aligner for both wheel alignment and to position the ADAS board in front of the vehicle.

How does the new ADAS kit work?  

Let’s get technical; after completing the wheel alignment, you position the front heads on the ADAS support panel calibration bar using the universal adaptors supplied with kit and leave the rear heads on the vehicle.

With an effortless key-press, the dedicated software program runs a simple interactive sequence displayed on the monitor, so your technician is guided with ease to position the ADAS calibration support panel. After a few seconds the perfect position is obtained in respect to the vehicle thrust angle, with no need for any complex, lengthy and error prone manual calculations.

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