Find Your Nearest Supertracker Wheel Alignment Centre

At Supertracker, we have been providing users with accurate and fast wheel alignment results since 1987 and work with garages all around the UK. With our handy find an alignment centre tool, we’ve made it easy to find your nearest centre, with skilled technicians and advanced Supertracker equipment which can measure a range of vehicles in just seconds.

Our cutting-edge wheel alignment technology offers reliable and fast readings and now includes the Argos by CEMB system, measuring wheel alignment in just 5 seconds with no need for clamps!


5 Reasons to choose Supertracker?

  1. We work with a network of trusted garages throughout the UK who are committed to regular calibrations, ensuring you always receive accurate readings.
  2. By working with garages, tyre and car manufactures, we ensure our high-quality wheel alignment equipment uses advanced measuring techniques and parts to offer you the best possible wheel alignment service.
  3. Our trackers are available in both main dealers and independent garages across the UK
  4. Whether you have a car, van, HGV or agriculture vehicle. We have a tracker to meet all your wheel alignment needs.
  5. Our network of partnered garages receive full training on how to use the trackers, offering you a great service and accurate readings every time!


How can I locate my nearest wheel alignment centre?

  1. Visit our find an alignment centre tool
  2. Enter your city or postcode in the search box or use your current location
  3. Choose from the list of local wheel alignment centres
  4. Simply give them a call to book your vehicle in for a wheel alignment check!


Are you a garage looking to expand your reach and offer an advanced wheel alignment service to customers or do you already own a Supertracker aligner and want to be added to our site? Get in touch with the Supertracker team by emailing us at or call us on 01489 773888.