How to Find Your Local Supertracker Alignment Centre

We all know that wheel alignment standards can vary. This is why it's important to ensure the alignment centre you use has fully trained experts using reliable equipment.

By using our Find an Alignment Centre tool you can find your local garage with a Supertracker aligner.

Why choose Supertracker?

Since 1987, Supertracker has grown to be an industry standard name in the wheel alignment sector, selling over 16,000 systems here in the UK and Worldwide, with products covering every type of wheel alignment requirement. 

During this time, Supertracker has worked alongside car and tyre manufacturers to bring advanced wheel alignment equipment and training to the local alignment experts, as well as the main dealer garages. This has helped to guarantee that your local Supertracker user is an expert on the most technical subject in the motor trade.

How can I find a wheel alignment centre near me?

We have now launched our own Supertracker locator, allowing you to search using your city or postcode for the nearest garage with a Supertracker aligner. 

These garages have received training, and have committed to regular calibrations to ensure the results they give are accurate and reliable.