Available from Supertracker - The STR500 3D Wheel Alignment System

The updated STR500 complete system from Cemb, which uses the latest technology to deliver fast and accurate readings. The reliable and adaptable 3D wheel alignment system allows you to make the most of your garage space and offers profitable services to your customers.

Advanced technology and automation

The fully automated camera beam and advanced software allows you to offer a more efficient service and increased accessibility which is suitable to use with a full wheel alignment lift. The motorised 3D camera support beam automatically adjusts to the height of the lift, speeding up adjustment time and accuracy.

Increased reliability and accessibility

We have all felt the frustrations of technology at some point and when it affects your working day this can not only hinder your efficiency but ultimately the service you offer to your customers and your profits. The compact targets contain no electronics or batteries, meaning less costly repairs should any accidental damage occur. Also, unlike other aligners, the STR500 doesn’t use Bluetooth technology which eliminates the connectivity issues sometimes associated with Bluetooth.

We take a flexible approach to how wheel alignment systems need to perform for individual garage’s needs and, upon request, can offer the STR500 in a pit version with a double monitor to ease the adjustment.

Clear, digital wheel alignment

Having clear, readable and accurate information is crucial to any service. Just like our other aligners, the STR500 utilises user-friendly software which is easy to navigate, guiding the technician through the vehicle adjustments.

Extensive vehicle selections

Boasting more than 55,000 vehicles, the new vehicle model ranking system makes it quick and easy to select the right vehicle in seconds and regular database updates with the latest models are available.

To ensure your garage has the best possible start, the new Supertracker STR500 wheel aligner includes an extensive equipment list as standard:

  • Windows operating system
  • TFT monitor 
  • Colour printer
  • WiFi Keyboard
  • Loudspeakers
  • Webcam
  • Four 4-point clamps, 12” to 24” with universal grips and targets
  • Moveable camera beam support with 3D sensors
  • Brake pedal lock and steering lock
  • Turnplates
  • Wheel alignment software and database of vehicles

To request more information on the STR500 wheel aligner and find out how it could help you grow your business, get in touch with the Supertracker team by calling us on 01909 480055 or email us at info@supertracker.com.