One-Stop Shop for All Your Wheel Needs

Here at Supertracker, we’re proud to be one of the UK’s leading providers in wheel alignment and now we’ve been working hard to become your one-stop shop for your wheel needs. We’re pleased to announce that we’ve expanded our product line to include the CEMB wheel balancing and tyre changing range.

With so many businesses offering wheel balancers and tyre changers, there’s no wonder it can be confusing when choosing who to go with. That’s why at Supertracker, we’ve made it easy for you by stocking only brands we trust.

We now stock CEMB tyre changers and wheel balancer products, giving you confidence in the quality of your company’s maintenance service.

Who are CEMB?

CEMB wheel balancers were first developed in 1952, and since then CEMB have been the market leaders in Europe and most of the world. CEMB wheel balancers constitute a wide range of innovative and patented solutions, recognizable for their capability to combine excellent balancing performance, robustness and ease of use. 

CEMB has also played a pioneering role in the field of tyre changers, thanks to the creation of the revolutionary bead-breaker system with rollers in the 60s. In the early 80’s CEMB built a tyre changer/balancer combo named “Jolly”. Today CEMB offers a full range of models in order to provide the best solutions for any need of the customer.

We are proud to be offering our customers the best products on the market. Below we’ve highlighted two of our favourites.                         

ER10 PRO Compact 3D Wheel Balancer with Electromagnetic Brake

The smallest 3D balancer without compromising on precision and quality, the ER10 PRO is built with an electromagnetic brake which accurately locks the wheel during servicing and correction. Other features include:

  • AutoAdaptive Mode – the intelligent tolerance calculation system which automatically detects weight and dimension meaning you no longer need to enter wheel dimensions manually.
  • Touch Panel – innovative, user-friendly and tough; the perfect partner for efficient tyre maintenance.

SMX60 Professional Automatic Tyre Changer with Assist Arm 

The SMX60 is easy to operate whilst also offering a reinforced structure and self-centring round turntable. Other features include:

  • Bead Breaking Arm – you can now change tyres up to 16” wide with ease, thanks to its twin adjustable blade and arm system.
  • Optional Assist Arms – side pusher and additional bead-pushing device available.

Why not check out the other new products from CEMB, as well as all our other Supertracker products available from our website.

Why purchase from Supertracker?

We pride ourselves in offering only the best quality, professional equipment for your tyre maintenance and repair requirements, and that’s why we only stock the sturdiest, highest-quality tools.

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