Profit Generation & MOT Extensions

As there’s been an extension to MOT expiry dates for most road vehicles during the coronavirus pandemic, the end of the extension will bring a surge of customers into your garage as extended MOTs and planned MOTs will have to take place.

For every customer entering your garage, there is increased opportunity to upsell wheel alignment or even ADAS calibrations.

Using Supertracker’s industry leading equipment, wheel alignment checks can be performed in a matter of minutes whilst the vehicle is still on the MOT ramp. In the event that an alignment is needed, you can provide a clear before and after printout to the customer and carry out any required work for additional profits and minimal time spent.

We can even provide marketing materials to display in your reception area to educate your customer as to why they may need their alignment checked.

Where wheel alignment is required, vehicles with advanced driver-assistance systems will require calibration, which with the Connex Digital ADAS system takes a maximum of 5 minutes. ADAS calibration is regularly charged at £250 per vehicle, meaning the equipment pays itself off extremely quickly.

If you haven’t already invested in a Supertracker wheel aligner or Digital ADAS system, your garage could be missing out on great profits from the influx of MOT customers.

For those of you who are existing Supertracker customers, remember make sure your equipment is regularly calibrated and maintained to reduce unnecessary downtime.


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