The Supertracker Shoot & Go System is Here!

Supertracker Shoot & Go is an automatic number plate recognition system used to obtain technical Wheel Alignment data. This is a highly accurate system, capable of reading vehicle number plates without human intervention.

How does it work?

With high speed image capture and supporting illumination this system is a piece of innovative and fresh technology, recognising the number plate almost instantly!

The Steps

1.    The digital camera is installed in front of the lift/ramp and the aligner will automatically pick up the number plate as you drive on.

2.    This then connects to a central server and technical data is obtained in as little as 5 seconds.

This breakthrough technology streamlines the whole alignment process, making the whole experience more user friendly and is as simple as the name, shoot and go. This function can also be used in conjunction with Aligner Connect – allowing you to view live readings and operate the aligner through your smart phone or tablet. You can even use the camera on your device to replace the camera built into the aligner.

Key Benefits of the Supertracker Shoot & Go includes:
  • Increased efficiency
  • No walking to and from aligner workstation
  • Save time not manually searching for vehicles
  • No need for yearly updates

This new and innovative product allows us at Supertracker to work more efficiently every day. If you would like to find out more information about our Supertracker Shoot & Go system, please contact us today. 

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