Quality Wheel Alignment Training

This year, make quality wheel alignment training your new year’s resolution to improve your workshop and increase your services!

If you’re opening a new garage, have new members of staff, or just need a refresher, wheel alignment training is an effective way to develop your knowledge, even if you’re not a Supertracker customer! 

Why is it important?

Wheel alignment has now become a vital part of car maintenance, offering safer stopping distances, increased fuel economy, lowering the risk of driver fatigue and extending tyre life. Due to unavoidable potholes and kerbs, most cars will require wheel alignment at some point.

It is essential that your garage is not only equipped with high quality wheel aligners, but that the staff are trained to the correct standard to ensure these services are performed accurately and professionally.

Learn how to recognise symptoms and diagnose problems.

Our Certified Wheel Alignment Training Courses

We offer a range of training courses to suit all levels, designed to expand knowledge and understanding on wheel alignment, including the safety benefits that come along with the service.

Advanced Wheel Alignment Course:

This course covers every aspect of wheel alignment from technical theory to practical application. By the end of the course, candidates will have a full understanding of wheel alignment and will be an improved asset to any garage.

Onsite Training:

This course focuses on practical wheel alignment and the correct use of your aligner – ideal for new garages and those looking to improve their knowledge! Whether you’re using laser or computerised equipment, technicians will gain a renewed confidence on wheel alignment.

Learn more about our wheel alignment training courses.

Providing a professional, accurate and informative service to customers is essential. Make sure you are offering quality wheel alignment services from your workshop this year!

If you would like more information on how we can help improve your wheel alignment services this year, call us on 01489 773888 or email us on info@supertracker.com