Axone 5 RCCS Master Kit - UKG6030

  • Axone 5
  • IDC5 Premium & Supercar Software
  • Axone Nemo Stand
  • Navigator TXTs
  • 12 month Texpack & Tex@info contract
  • Radar Calibration Rig
  • 2 x Self-centering Wheel Clamps
  • 2 x Laser Heads
  • 2 x Laser Supports
  • Digital Measure
  • Digital Centering Laser
  • Digital Measuring Box
  • Positioning Mat


The RCCS (Radar and Camera Calibration System) is the complete, professional solution
developed by TEXA for the world of body shops, glass replacement specialists and multibrand workshops. It is ideal to carry out all the calibration operations of cameras and radars. 

The RCCS is composed of: a robust main frame, electrically adjustable in height and easy to carry around the workshop thanks to its pivoting wheels; an adjustment bar, equipped with a sliding reflecting plate and two mirrors; two practical selfcentring clamps with an innovative system to be instantaneously fastened to the wheel, which is complete with laser pointers and graduated scales that ensure the utmost precision when aligning the vehicle. 

This technological equipment allows you to position the RCCS easily, with absolute precision and in total safety, in compliance with the requirements of the various manufacturers.


Calibration Panels

  • Renault/Smart
  • Mercedes front
  • Mercedes type 1 & 2 rear
  • Alfa Romeo type 1 front
  • VAG Front & Rear
  • Kia / Hyundai / Fiat / Jeep front
  • Nissan front
  • Mazda type 1 & 2 front
  • Toyota type 1 & 2 front
  • Honda type 2 front
  • Nissan / Infinity front
  • Subaru / Suzuki front

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