C206 Truck Wheel Balancer

Hand Spun Mobile Truck Wheel Balancer by CEMB

  • Wheel balancer with automatic gauge for truck, bus, car, light-truck and all terrain wheels

  • Suitable for 12v and 24v mobile van operation, as well as within garages and tyre shops

  • Handle to change shaft height from the ground: minimum effort for loading, spinning and braking the wheel

  • Lift unnecessary

  • ALU-S function and automating repeating of the chosen correction planes

  • Balancing speed - <70rpm for trucks, <100rpm for cars
  • Cycle time per wheels from 15kg - 8 to 20s
  • Adjustable rim width - 1.5 - 20inch
  • Adjustable diameter - 10 to 30inch
  • Machine weight - 190kg

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