C210 Truck Wheel Balancer

Hand Spun Truck Wheel Balancer by CEMB

  • Simplest and most intuitive truck balancer in the range

  • Manual wheel spin using a mechanical lever which is also used for the braking operation

  • 40mm shaft can handle both car and truck wheels – two separate programs perform calculations for the different modes

  • Features ALU-S, SPLIT and minimization of residual static unbalance programmes

  • Pedal-operated lift guarantees an optimal centring of the wheel

  • The operator can adjust the wheel height using their own mass to manoeuvre relative handle-bar

  • Wheel guard optional due to low spinning speed

  • Balancing speed - 110rpm
  • Cycle time per wheel from 15kg - 4.7s
  • Adjustable rim width - 1.5 to 20inch
  • Adjustable diameter - 10 to 30inch
  • Machine weight - 110kg

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