ER10 Wheel Balancer

Compact 3D Wheel Balancer

  • Electronic measuring gauge to measure the distance and diameter of rims up to 28” with a fast fix adhesive weight applicator

  • Virtual Sonar 3D wheel dimension calculator

  • Auto Adaptive Mode – the new tolerance calculation system

  • Innovative touch screen system – simple and durable

  • ALU-S 3D balancing mode – specific counterweight positioning indicator

  • Low speed balancing – safety guard optional

  • Next generation Virtual Direct Drive – ultra fast measuring system

  • Electromagnetic brake available on the ER10PRO Version

  • Balancing speed - 110rpm
  • Cycle time per wheel from 15kg - 4.7s
  • Adjustable rim width - 1.5 to 20inch
  • Adjustable diameter - 10 to 30inch
  • Machine weight - 110kg

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