SM33T Semi-Automatic Truck Tyre Changer

Semi-Automatic Tyre Changer for Truck, Bus, Agriculture, and Earth Moving Vehicles by CEMB

  • Self-centring chuck to lock grooved and split ring rims from 14” to 46” (up to 56” using the optional extensions)

  • 2-speed rotation in both directions of the self-centring chuck

  • Automatic movement of tool-holder carriage

  • Manual tool-holder arm lifting and tool rotation

  • Bronze chuck rotation housing

  • Tool-holder carriage stroke increased up to 1300mm width

  • Clamping capacity - 14 to 46inch
  • Max wheel diameter - 2300mm
  • Max wheel width - 1065mm
  • Hydraulic unit motor - 1.1kw / 380v
  • Net weight - 790kg

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