Wheel Alignment Training

Total Independence

We offer a range of certified wheel alignment training courses for those customers new to wheel alignment or the advanced programmes for the more capable technician.

These courses are not just limited to Supertracker customers; we offer an independent service to all those who wish to develop their understanding of the subject. In-house training offers uninterrupted time allowing full concentration.

alignment training course

Advanced Wheel Alignment Course - £125 per person

Our Thatcham approved advance wheel alignment training course covers every aspect of wheel alignment from technical theory to practical application. Held at our premises in Southampton, the full day course will consist of a classroom session looking into the different angles of alignment including KPI and SAI, and how this effects tyre wear, handling etc.
Attendees can then put their knowledge to the test with the second part of the day consisting of practical wheel alignment and demonstrations with both computerised and laser equipment. By the end of the course, candidates will have a full understanding of wheel alignment and will be an improved asset to any garage.

wheel alignment training

Onsite Training - £132.23 per session

If you are opening a new garage, have new members of staff or even just need a refresher, Supertracker offer onsite wheel alignment training. Generally lasting around 2 hours for up to 5 people, the session is focused on practical wheel alignment and the correct use of your aligner.
Whether you are using laser or computerised equipment, Technicians will gain a renewed confidence in wheel alignment and will usually learn some tricks of the trade along the way.

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