Wheel Alignment Training

We offer a certified wheel alignment training course for those customers new to wheel alignment or the more capable technician.

Just give us a call on 01489 773888 to book your training session and pick from the below two options.

wheel alignment training course by Supertracker, Hampshire

Onsite Training - £197.00 per session

If you are opening a new garage, have new members of staff or even just need a refresher, Supertracker offer onsite wheel alignment training. Generally lasting around 2 hours for up to 5 people, the session is focused on practical wheel alignment and the correct use of your aligner.

Whether you are using laser or computerised equipment, technicians will gain a renewed confidence in wheel alignment and will usually learn some tricks of the trade along the way.

 Onsite Training & Calibration - £257.00 per session

Onsite Training & Calibration - £257.00 per session

We can calibrate your unit while on site, for a reduced fee of just £60.00! 

Ensure your members of staff are comfortable and confident using your aligner, while also being safe in the knowledge that they are calibrated and ready for use. 

Vauxhall Motors - 3D wheel alignment equipment
Nissan - 3D wheel alignment equipment
Renault - wheel alignment equipment
Alfa Romeo - wheel alignment equipment
Citroen - Wheel Tracking Equipment
Ford - Wheel Tracking Equipment
Honda - wheel alignment equipment
Peugeot - wheel alignment equipment
Kia - wheel service equipment
Volvo - wheel alignment equipment
Mazda - wheel service equipment