ADAS - Time to get ahead of the competition

94% of all road accidents are caused by human error, either by dangerous choices or mistakes made behind the wheel. The European Council are looking to reduce this significantly with new rules being introduced in 2022, applying to all UK drivers.

Under these new rules, new vehicles registered from 2022 onwards must be equipped with the following safety features:

  • Intelligent speed assistance
  • Alcohol interlock installation facilitation
  • Driver drowsiness and attention warning systems
  • Advanced driver distraction warning systems
  • Emergency stop signals
  • Reversing detection systems
  • Event data recorders
  • Accurate tyre pressure monitoring.

And for specifically cars and vans:

  • Advanced emergency braking systems
  • Emergency lane-keeping systems
  • Enlarged head impact protection zones capable of mitigating injuries in collisions with vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians and cyclists

In 2020, 50% of new registered cars were equipped with Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) such as the ones mentioned above, but with these new rules looming, this percentage is set to shoot up.

ADAS are proven to reduce road fatalities by minimizing human error. Safety features are designed to avoid accidents and collisions by offering technologies that alert the driver to problems, implementing safeguards, and taking control of the vehicle if necessary.

ADAS Calibration

These systems must be calibrated to ensure accuracy whenever:

  • The windscreen is replaced
  • The cameras or radars are replaced
  • A collision has occurred (even a small bump whilst parking)
  • Bodywork repairs are carried out, such as replacing the bumper
  • Vehicle suspension is adjusted
  • Wheel alignment is carried out
  • Tyre size is changed
  • An ADAS warning light displays on the dashboard

With a huge percentage of vehicles soon to be needing ADAS calibration, now is the ideal time for garages and bodyshops to invest in suitable equipment to carry out this work, ensuring you don’t miss out on around £250 per ADAS calibration.

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