Case Study - ADAS Axone 5 RCCS Master Kit Installation

Supertracker were privileged to be asked by Accident Repair Center in Letchworth Garden City to supply and install a radar and camera calibration system for use alongside their Supertracker STR420RW wheel aligner. 

On Thursday 6th June 2019 we visited Susan and Mechanical Technician Ben at Accident Repair Center to oversee the installation of their new Axone 5 RCCS Master Kit.

This equipment is a complete, modular, multi-brand solution used to restore the proper operation of Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) in vehicles.

What is ADAS?

Designed to provide safety and comfort while driving, the ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) are ever more common in the latest generation vehicles and can include autonomous emergency braking, cruise control, lane departure and pedestrian and traffic sign recognition, to name just a few. 

Kit & Training

Ben and Susan have dedicated an area of their workshop to the calibration of cameras, which will be carried out following a wheel alignment. 

The kit consists of a robust main frame, electrically adjustable in height and easy to move around the workshop thanks to its pivoting wheels; an adjustment bar, equipped with a sliding reflecting plate and two mirrors; two practical self-centering clamps with an innovative system to be instantaneously fastened to the wheel, which is complete with laser pointers and graduated scales that ensure the utmost precision when aligning the vehicle. 

Ben was fully trained in the usage of the equipment, including the tablet loaded with IDC5 diagnostic software. This application provides specific diagnostic help sheets for each make/model, with the instructions for the correct positioning of the unit (such as panel height from the ground, distance from the vehicle, alignment, etc.), which will help guide him step by step throughout the procedures. At the end of the calibration, he will be able to print or email a report to hand over to the customer or insurance company with the evidence of the operations carried out.


Accident Repair Center have future proofed their business by investing in the ADAS kit, as more and more vehicles are being fitted with advanced safety systems. The amount of vehicles with ADAS technology built in is growing rapidly, with car manufactures expecting at least 40% of new vehicles to have ADAS technology inbuilt by 2020. Each new car release brings a further need for specialist alignment, and Accident Repair Center are now ahead of their competitors in this field.

Customers may need an ADAS calibration in the following circumstances:

  • After a windscreen replacement
  • If the dashboard shows a fault code
  • If the camera has been disconnected
  • Change of suspension
  • Change of wheel alignment

Although there are varying systems and processes involved, prices for ADAS calibration varies, however can range from £300 to £1000 - revenue that can now be kept in-house rather than outsourced.

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