The Supertracker Story

After a number of years working within the wheel alignment sector, Keith Lovesy came up with an idea that has revolutionised the industry.

The traditional method was long-winded because to get accurate readings you needed to compensate for the inaccuracy within the wheel clamping systems. Keith overcame this problem with the Supertracker Hang on System.

Supertracker has come a long way in the last 30 years, with over 17,000 systems manufactured here in the UK. Every type of wheel alignment requirement is covered by a product in the Supertracker range.

The products are accepted by every major motor manufacturers outlets, as well as on some production lines.

Since the 13th July 1987, Supertracker has grown to be an industry standard name in the wheel alignment sector, selling thousands of systems here in the UK and worldwide, with a product covering every type of wheel alignment requirement.

Light Beam systems

1987: Light Beam systems

The Light Beam system was a big hit in the industry, generating additional profits through speed, ease of use and accuracy, whilst reducing the number of reworks and the need to test drive every car!

laser wheel aligner

1992: Introduction of Lasers

In 1992, the introduction of lasers came into place, eliminating the power cable trailing across the workshop floors. This concept made the systems even more flexible in their use. Our laser systems are still a very popular product today and deliver exceptional return on investment. 

alignment systems

1997: Supertracker Introduced the First Computerised Aligner

Supertracker introduced the first computerised aligner in 1997 to meet the requirements of customers now wishing to supply print outs for their customers. 

Supertracker wheel aligner

2019: Introduction of the UK's first clampless wheel aligner

Supertracker introduces the Argos by CEMB to the UK, and carries out the UK's first installation of the revolutionary equipment.

Case Study
automotive alignment

2020: Expanding our Range

With over thirty years of experience selling one of the leading brands of wheel alignment equipment in the UK market, Supertracker were approached by CEMB, the world's leading balancing manufacturer, to represent them in the UK market.

Who are CEMB?