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Supertracker Wheel Aligners

At Supertracker we provide more than just an accurate, fast alignment system. We provide a complete back up service including training, wheel equipment servicing and accessories.

All products are produced from our manufacturing facility in Southampton. Since that date over fifteen thousand systems have been sold through out the UK with a percentage being exported around the world. 

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ADAS calibration, Advanced driver assistance systems

ADAS solutions from Texa

Designed to provide safety and comfort while driving, the ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) are ever more common in the latest generation vehicles. To help professionals repair these sophisticated active safety devices, we provide a complete, modular, multi-brand solution from Texa, able to meet the diverse needs of automotive professionals, be they glass replacement specialists, body-shop technicians or multi-brand workshops.

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Coming Soon from Supertracker – “Find an Alignment Centre”

Extend your business reach with Supertracker!

We are connecting thousands of people searching for Wheel Alignment with the UK’s best garages for their Supertracker wheel alignment needs.

By joining “Find an Alignment Centre” as a Supertracker certified garage, your business name, address, phone number and website will be listed on our site, connecting you with customers searching for their local wheel alignment centre.

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STR130RW 6 Sensor Computer Aligner available now!

As from the 1st July 2018 the all-new Supertracker STR130RW 6 sensor computer aligner is available! Quick and easy to use, accurate and extremely durable this product has the capability of turning any workshop into a wheel alignment centre!

STR130RW available now

Supertracker Wheel Aligners

Why Choose Supertracker?


All of our computer aligners are impressively quick, with readings obtained in as little as 59 seconds!

Ease of Use

With full training and easy step by step instructions, wheel alignment has never been easier.


With periodic calibrations and full back up servicing, you can be sure your aligner is reading correctly.

Return on Investment

Use our profit calculator to see exactly how much profit you will make and when!

What Our Customers Say

Matt Attelsey - MARS Master Technician and Director "When it came to deciding exactly what brand of wheel aligner to invest in. It was something of a 'No Brainer'. I had worked with Supertracker alignment equipment when previously employed by a main dealer, and I had always been impressed with its function and adaptability"
Tim Walton - Kerr "Right from the very start we all appreciated the straight forward operation of the aligner and its impressive accuracy which is why we now have four machines in constant use on a daily basis, including a recently purchased truck aligner"
Nick Tyler - Hoole Racing "It is without a doubt a quality piece of equipment which is extremely important at Hoole Racing."
Phil Chappell - Braiswick Tyres "We chose Supertracker as it is a recognised and proven leading brand and the STR420RW has already become an essential piece of equipment in our tyre service area."
Kev Lorton - Director at A2 Tyre Supplies "A superb introductory training session from Supertracker engineer Marc Stenning. We found our new laser truck aligner extremely easy to operate."

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