The Supertracker STR130RW 6 sensor computerised aligner will enable you to meet customer demands with great value, ensuring a quick return on your investment.


Measuring heads

The Supertracker hang on system is a tried and tested method of attaching the measuring heads to wheels. With no clamping or metal contact, the rim buttons cause no damage to alloy or painted wheels. They are quick and straightforward to fit and remove from the wheel, as well as the measuring heads and hangers are stored neatly as one unit - all saving valuable time.

The robust design used with solid state electronics gives durability and works well in a harsh environment. Inbuilt control panels on each head eliminates the need to return to the console through each stage of the alignment process.

The STR130 can also be supplied with 3-Point clamps in addition to or instead of the hangers, providing accurate alignment for lowered vehicles.

Using visual angles of +/- 20 degrees, there is no need of electronic turn plates and measuring accuracy is as low as 0.01mm. Lithium Batteries give extended working life, generating more working time equating to more profit.

Application Program

Like the STR420RW in function, the user friendly software is designed to make operation easy to navigate and information easy to read. It also features adjustment helps screens to assist technicians on a variety of vehicle adjustments.
As you would expect, an extensive vehicle database with customer history recall is included, with updates released yearly. 


The STR130RW can be used on a Full Wheel Alignment Lift, Standard Four Post Lift, Platform Scissor Lift, Pit, Level Surface or 2Post lift using our wheel alignment tables.


The STR130RW can be upgraded to include touch screen monitor, low spoiler hangers or 3-Point clamps - contact our teams for more information on 01909 480055.

  • Extensive vehicle database
  • Customer database with full history recall
  • Full printout showing before and after readings
  • Adjustment help screens
  • Wheel hangers & measuring heads stored and calibrated as a unit
  • Available immediately
  • Reliable and straightforward

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