Our best selling four wheel laser aligner on the market, the STR1 LCHC24 is a wall-mounted aligner, popular with all types of customers from dealerships to race teams.

With the ability to measure toe and thrust angle as standard, this laser half cab can also be upgraded to measure Camber and Castor with use of a Digital Camber Castor Gauge. Designed and built in the UK, our laser aligners have proven to stand the test of time with units first made in 1992, still being serviced today.

  • Rechargeable, cable free heads
  • Positive gravity wheel hangers - Quick and simple fixing to the wheel
  • Wheel hangers & measuring heads calibrated as a unit
  • Perfect wheel rim contact
  • Toe scales can be read from above and below the heads
  • Fits 12” to 22” wheels as standard. Optional hangers available up to 24", offroad and low spoiler.

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