For official Supertracker aftercare services for your wheel alignment machine, contact us on With a national fleet of knowledgeable engineers providing repair, support, calibration, maintenance and product demonstrations. 

With a stocked warehouse of spare parts and accessories, we can keep your machines operational, as well as updated, with the database upgrades for Supertracker machines.

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Supertracker Repairs and Support

At Supertracker, we have our own service engineers who support our customers in the field. The team of Supertracker engineers offer a national on-site service, with mobile test rigs calibrated to traceable standards, for accurate calibrations backed with a certificate for your records.

If you have a Supertracker wheel alignment machine which hasn’t been recently calibrated or serviced, contact Supertracker on 01909 480055 or Ensuring your wheel alignment system is correctly set-up, with regularly calibrated rigs, is important to minimise the risk of incorrectly adjusted vehicles and protect your business against customer complaints. 

We are the only place you can buy official Supertracker parts and accessories, we have a stocked warehouse of parts ready for dispatch.

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Calibrations and Maintenance

Whether your garage is audited or not, it is correct practice to have the calibration of your aligner checked.

Supertracker recommends maintenance every 6 to 12 months for your aligners. Regular calibration checks will give you peace of mind that your aligner is measuring correctly and customers won’t be returning with tyre wear issues later down the line.

Database upgrades for computer aligners can be conducted during the calibration visit if requested. Please contact us for pricing.

 With the aligner being thoroughly checked and software updates installed, this minimizes the chance of any future downtime.

wheel alignment training by Supertracker, Hampshire


If you are opening a new garage, have new members of staff or even just need a refresher, Supertracker offer onsite wheel alignment training on our machines. Ideal for up to 5 people, the session is focused on the correct use of your aligner.

Alternatively you can visit our Wheel Alignment Training Studio in Worksop, Nottinghamshire where you can see the full range of wheel alignment systems from Supertracker.

Whether you are using laser or computerised equipment, technicians will gain a renewed confidence in wheel alignment and will usually learn some tricks of the trade along the way.