The term Wheel Alignment is the general description given to the service required to check and correct the many mechanical devices which go together to form the vehicles Steering and Suspension System.

At Supertracker we provide more than just an accurate, fast alignment system. We provide a complete back up service including training, service and accessories. The Company was established in 1987 and since then Supertracker has grown to be the leading wheel alignment equipment manufacturer in the UK. All products are produced from our manufacturing facility in Southampton. Since that date over fifteen thousand systems have been sold through out the UK with a percentage being exported around the world.

The concept of all our aligners is that they are quick and easy to use, accurate and extremely durable. This offers the user an opportunity to have a very fast return on investment. Then a sound profit generating piece of equipment with a very low maintenance cost. Supertracker Wheel Aligners are now an important part of any vehicle servicing set up. Our aligners bring to any company a major contribution to their profit line. This is why Supertracker has become so successful. The products are being used by every type of outlet from the major national tyre companies, franchised dealers, independent service garages, body repairs and tyre retailers. Supertracker manufactures a product to suit each market.

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30 years wheel alignment

30 years of Supertracker

After a number of years working within the Wheel Alignment sector - Keith Lovesy came up with an idea that has revolutionised the industry with the Supertracker “Hang on System”.


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