The UK’s Very First Clampless Wheel Aligner Installation!

Working with CEMB, Supertracker has introduced the revolutionary new generation of wheel alignment system to the UK, aptly named Argos. Inspired by Greek mythology, Argos is known as the many-eyed giant.  

Kilnhurst Tyres

Supertracker were contacted by Kilnhurst Tyres in Rotherham after learning about the new Argos by CEMB aligner being introduced to the UK market.

Neil and Rachel at Kilnhurst Tyres have been a loyal customer since 2006, having previously purchased two STR1LCHC laser wheel aligners and a STR420RW computer aligner. 

However, knowing that the Argos would revolutionise the world of wheel alignment, they were excited to become the very first workshop in the UK to have the 3D wheel alignment system installed. They opted for the “Full” version, which measures vehicles on-floor and at a fixed height, allowing them to get readings and do a castor swing on the floor without getting out the car. If the car needs adjusting, you can get out of the car and raise the lift to do adjustments.


The Installation

After measuring, then measuring again, then measuring just a little bit more, the installation could begin, and within a few days was completed and ready for training.

Barry couldn’t believe how straightforward the installation process was!

“Although the installation process is longer than other wheel aligners, this was mainly down to the amount of measuring that was involved – measure twice, fit once! – and after completing the installation using the really simple setup programme I have to say this machine is amazing!”

Rachel said of the process:

“Neil was more than happy with the service and assistance we received from both Supertracker and CEMB. It went smoothly and we hit the deadline date that we were aiming to achieve. “

First impressions

Barry was so impressed with Argos after having a trial run on it after the installation:

“The machine recognises and only suggests vehicles with the same wheel base spec, and produces readings so quickly that I’m sure this will improve productivity and increase throughputs for Kilnhurst Tyres. They’ll also have the peace of mind that their machine is always in calibration as it self-calibrates after every use. Not only that, but software faults can be investigated and fixed remotely as the aligner is connected to the customers Wi-Fi, so any downtime is massively reduced.”

After using the Argos wheel aligner for a few days, Rachel said:

“We are really impressed with the easiness of the [Argos] system and the speed of getting a check done. We are finding the machine easy and straight forward to navigate and work with too.”

Neil shared his thoughts too:

"We’re already seeing the results from our revolutionary new Clampless Wheel Alignment system. The feedback we are getting from our customers is speaking for itself." 

Customer satisfaction

Not only are Kilnhurst Tyres excited by Argos but their customers are too!

“Thank you to Neil and his team for completing a four wheel alignment on my car at the weekend. The accuracy and speed of this machine is mind-blowing. I have had issues in the past with lowered cars using the older machines that require equipment to be attached to the wheel not fitting right as the car is so low. Within 5 seconds of driving on the ramp the current alignment figures were on the screen! Amazing. The machine [Argos] has changed the game!”

To learn more on the Argos system by CEMB and how it will help increase your garage’s turnover and customer satisfaction, get in touch with our specialist team via email at, or call us on 01909 480055.