Argos by CEMB

Supertracker is proud to announce we are working with CEMB to introduce Argos, the new generation clampless wheel alignment system.

Clampless wheel alignment measurements in just 5 seconds

Requiring no contact with the vehicle and without even getting out of the car, in only 5 seconds Argos carefully measures toe, camber and thrust angles.

Simply stop the vehicle between the Argos columns, and a high-tech 3D scanner measurement system does the rest.

Argos totally revolutionizes the world of wheel alignment: no clamping, no targets and no detectors. There's no need to perform run out compensation or to apply a brake pedal lock to measure caster.

Extreme simplicity

The advanced and user-friendly software is managed through remote control, and begins with the automatic start of the measuring process when a vehicle enters the working area. The automatic detection of all procedures and automatic pre-selection of the vehicle’s specs according to the wheels all contribute to an outstandingly convenient user- friendly approach.

Increase business efficiency

By minimizing efforts and time for wheel alignment measurements, Argos can check efficiently all of your customers vehicles in record time, enhancing your business and customer satisfaction.

  • World's fastest toe and camber measurement, without even exiting the vehicle
  • No obstructions: use the same lift both for wheel alignment and mechanical parts repair
  • No manual adjustment for different wheelbase vehicles
  • User-friendly software
  • No moving parts meaning safety for operators and maintenance free
  • Self-calibrating
  • Automatic database updates - no engineer visit required

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