Argos by CEMB

Supertracker is proud to announce that we're working with CEMB on the introduction of the new generation touchless wheel alignment system, Argos.

Argos is available in three different versions:

  • Full - Measures vehicles on-floor and at a fixed height ideal for both reception lane and adjustments with a lift
  • High - Measures vehicles at a fixed height ideal for adjustments with a lift
  • Pit - Measures vehicles on-floor ideal for reception lane and adjustments in a pit


Increased business efficiency

By minimising and automating the time and effort involved in wheel alignment measurements, Argos can efficiently check vehicles in record time, enhancing your business and customer satisfaction.

  • Check within 5 seconds, without even exiting the vehicle
  • No obstructions: use the same lift both for wheel alignment and mechanical parts repair
  • No manual adjustment for different wheelbase vehicles
  • User-friendly software
  • No moving parts meaning safety for operators and maintenance free
  • Self-calibrating

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