Wheel alignment training

New Wheel Alignment training studio now open in Worksop, Nottinghamshire

We are pleased to announce the opening of a new 3,000 sq. ft wheel alignment training studio in Worksop.

The studio will offer a dedicated training space where prospects, customers, distributors and internal staff can gain hands-on experience the full range of wheel alignment systems from Supertracker on our dedicated platform lift.

The training studio allows customers to see for themselves the full range of wheel alignment technology from laser to computerised to 3D. With the straightforward range of wheel alignment systems available from Supertracker as well as the 3D wheel alignment system from Beissbarth.  The training studio provides a unique central location for internal development and training programmes for its engineers and head office staff.

You can expect to find in the studio:

  • Latest STR1 green laser system from Supertracker providing an opportunity to see the clarity and precision benefits for yourself.
  • The six- and eight-sensor CCD wheel alignment systems from Supertracker – STR130 and STR420 with hang-on system and three-point clamp options.
  • The HPA-Faip C 880 iNEXT a quick and reliable 3D wheel aligner with two camera reading system
  • The 3D wheel alignment system; Q.Lign technology from Beissbarth – the ultra-fast, compact, and connected 3D wheel alignment solution.
  • The latest innovation from Beissbarth; the Q.Lign T-Series – a wall-mounted 3D system with large vertical field of vision for fast, efficient and reliable wheel alignment checks.
  • The light and airy studio space also makes available; a tyre changer, wheel balancer, air compressor, scissor lift and an EV 2-Post lift.

It will also feature a dedicated classroom area for interactive, theory based learning and computer system showcasing.  

Andrew Bates, Sales Director at Straightset, said: “We are delighted to announce the launch of our new Wheel Alignment Training Studio here at Worksop, which will demonstrate and provide expert training to all. The addition of this exclusive service builds on our commitment to offering our clients the best possible customer service and combined with our ongoing internal development programme to support Straightset’s national fleet of engineers, we will be able to continue to deliver the most comprehensive support service in the UK”.

For more information please call us on 01909 480055