CCD wheel alignment with touchscreen

CCD Wheel Aligners now available with touchscreen monitor

To meet the demands of evolving workshops Supertracker are consistently looking to innovate with its range popular wheel alignment systems. The iconic STR130 six sensor wheel aligner and the STR420 eight sensor wheel alignment is now available with a touch screen monitor.


The Supertracker CCD Wheel Aligners are one of the most popular choice of aligners for garages, with thousands of working machines in the UK. The sleek and modern design of the stations stands it apart from other systems in the market, with the ability to carry out a geometry check anywhere in the workshop, rather than being anchored to one bay. These systems are now available with a 22” touchscreen monitor as an option, which removes the requirement for the keyboard and mouse (although these can be included if required.)

This gives the technician the ability to move through the alignment steps on screen at the touch of a finger, as well as providing a less cluttered workspace. CCD systems are still available without a touchscreen and provided with a standard monitor, keyboard and mouse.


For more information about the CCD wheel alignment range from Supertracker you can watch this handy short video: