Wheel Alignment with Clamps

CCD Wheel Alignment System with Clamps

Our popular 6 and 8 sensor CCD wheel alignment systems are available with wheel clamps as an option.

The STR130 and the STR420 aligners come as standard as a hang on system, utilising 24” adjustable hangers, with low spoiler hangers as an option. For customers who prefer a clamp system, the STR130 and STR420 can be supplied with 3 point clamps, which like the hang on system are stored at the side of the cabinet. The 3-Point clamps with quick locking units and ABS claws are the perfect solution for performing alignment on lowered vehicles.


For more information you can contact our wheel alignment specialist who can advise on the right options for your needs. Contact us on 01909 480055 or info@straightset.co.uk.

For more information please call us on 01909 480055