Has your Supertracker CCD aligner database been updated recently? It’s time to check!

New vehicle alignment data update available. - Book an appointment with your local service engineer today.


The latest database update for your Supertracker CCD wheel aligner is now available to install.


Our range of computer wheel aligners have an impressive database of vehicles currently running on the UK roads and our service engineers are standing by to update your system. 


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Make sure you stay fully up to date.


The automotive industry moves fast and new models are coming off the production line all the time with new ranges and amended specifications. It is important that your aligner is updated with the latest vehicle model measurements, so your customers can count on you to align their car accurately and reliably.


Why not combine your local service engineer’s database update visit with a calibration? Ensure your machine is operating to the highest standard all day, every day.


Richard Cheetham, Service Operations Manager, said: “We encourage all our customers to regularly update and calibrate their wheel alignment equipment. We don’t want any of our customers to find themselves unable to align a car correctly because they don’t have the latest calibration data available. By combining a visit from a service engineer, they can calibrate the machine at the same time, saving time and money.”


As Supertracker we have a nationwide aftercare service offering calibrations, database upgrades and spare parts. We recommend updating your CCD wheel aligner when new databases are released, to ensure you stay up to date and don’t miss out on the latest data.


Don’t wait, call our team and book your service engineer.

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