Maximizing wheel alignment efficiencies with proper training options

Efficiency is a cornerstone of a successful garage operation, and training mechanics to adeptly operate equipment contributes significantly to productivity and safety. Familiarity with the how to use equipment allows mechanics to diagnose problems swiftly and execute repairs with precision. This not only reduces the turnaround time for vehicle diagnosis and repairs but also enhances customer satisfaction, a vital component of any service-oriented industry.


When it comes to offering wheel alignment services to customers, proper training on how to use the chosen system, not only helps to improve accuracy; which is vital for alignment, but leads to efficiency allowing for more accurate alignments per day. In a rapidly evolving automotive landscape, proper training acts as a bridge between traditional mechanical knowledge and the demands of modern technology. 


Supertracker offer equipment training to suit all

For those who like to access their training online at a time that suits them, there are a series of easy to watch, short training videos that easily demonstrate how quickly and accurately wheel alignment can be done using a Supertracker laser or CCD systems.

 Supertracker also has a knowledgeable sales team, including dedicated wheel alignment experts, in which you can gain valuable advise about the right wheel alignment system for your needs.

For those looking for a more hands on training, Supertracker has a national fleet of service engineers, offering on site installation training. Enabling customers to get dedicated training on their chosen wheel alignment solution, in their own garage, with their own equipment.

Acknowledging the demand for uninterrupted hands-on training, Supertracker took a proactive approach and opened a state-of-the-art 3,000 sq. ft training studio at its headquarters in Nottinghamshire. This dedicated space allows for training on a wide range of wheel alignment equipment on dedicated wheel alignment lifts, including the latest Supertracker STR1 green laser system, Supertracker six- and eight-sensor CCD wheel alignment systems, HPA-Faip C 880 iNEXT 3D wheel aligner, and 3D Q.Lign technology from Beissbarth. The studio features a classroom area for interactive, theory-based learning.


Choosing an equipment company that is dedicated to the aftercare support of its products, to keep customers operational, helps to deliver efficiencies, safety benefits and ultimately customer satisfaction. By ensuring staff are trained on the latest equipment, garages and dealerships can stay ahead in a challenging and evolving sector.