Remaining Road Safe During COVID-19

Many processes have changed across the UK in response to COVID-19 and MOTs are no exception!

MOTs that expire on or after the 30th March 2020 have been extended for 6 months from that date to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. Whilst this extension is in place, it’s crucial to ensure your car or vehicle is road safe.

How to Remain Road Safe

To make sure your car is running smoothly until you can take it to a professional, be sure to check –

  • Tyre tread and pressure – we’ve even got a blog with tips on prolonging the life of your tyres
  • Oil level – maintaining protective liquids and oils within your engine will help ensure a smooth drive
  • Water level – keep your screen wash topped up with washing solution or water to keep your windscreen clear of dirt and debris
  • Lights – see and be seen! Make sure your lights are all in working order to keep yourself and others safe whilst on the road

For more information on how to keep your vehicle road safe, Think! have released a useful article with hints and tips to see you through to your MOT date

With this information in mind, we can expend to see a huge influx of road users booking in for MOTs in the coming months as lockdown eases.

Prepare your Garage

Make sure your garage, staff and equipment are ready and get in touch with Supertracker. We provide training, calibration and services for all our wheel alignment and balancing machines so you can be confident you’re offering the best service to your customers.