Supertracker | The home of straight forward wheel alignment

Supertracker have refreshed the brand bringing a new era of Straight Forward wheel alignment to its customers.

As Straightset move forwards with Supertracker we are proud to offer customers an uncomplicated range of simple to use, yet effective Wheel Alignment equipment supported by a national fleet of Service Engineers, underpinned with a clear brand direction.


The iconic Supertracker aligners are manufactured in Britain, available with short lead times and competitively priced.

The range consists of:

  • Laser aligners for car and commercial uses, either wall mounted or available on mobile units
  • Computer Aligners for cars available as either 6 sensor or 8 sensor versions
  • With customisable options to meet the needs of fast fit workshops, used car centres, independents and motor dealerships.


Supertracker calibration and servicing support is managed using the latest up to date service management software, dedicated in house contact and our own knowledgeable engineers across the UK - with the added benefit of engineers experience spanning wider than wheel alignment. With parts and accessories are readily available for a fast and efficient response.


With subtle updates to the logo and styling, it’s a mark of respect to Supertrackers’ heritage spanning over 3 decades yet modernised to reflect the positive direction forwards that the brand needed to take, under its new ownership.


Contact Supertracker for Straight Forward Wheel Alignment Solutions on 01909 480055 or



For more information please call us on 01909 480055