What You Need to Know about Truck Aligners

Supertracker’s range of automotive alignment solutions enables garages to provide accurate wheel alignment to a vast majority of vehicle types – commercial trucks are no exception!

Operators who look after a large fleet of trucks need to be confident that their vehicles are getting the best fuel mileage and tyre wear, especially if driving long distances.

Carrying out regular wheel alignment tests is one of the most effective ways of reducing the operating costs and ensuring the trucks are performing at their best.

Correct wheel alignment can provide the following benefits:
  • Improve driving comfort for the drivers
  • Reduce the chance of mechanical failures
  • Maintain reliability across the fleet
  • Reduce fuel and tyre costs
Top signs your truck needs wheel alignment:
  • Uneven wear on tyres
  • The truck pulls to one side whilst driving
  • Steering wheel vibration
  • The steering wheel is off-centre when travelling straight ahead
  • After being involved in a road traffic accident

Truck alignment differs from car alignment as specialist automotive alignment equipment is required.

At Supertracker, we supply various aligners for all applications on trucks, buses and coaches with the capability of aligning both single and twin-steer commercial vehicles.

Commercial vehicles sometimes have a trailer attached, which needs to be considered when correcting the wheel alignment. The trailer axles can become misaligned in the same way that the drive axle can.

However, a misaligned drive axle will push the vehicle so it is no longer travelling in a straight-line and pulls to one side, whereas a misaligned trailer axle will drag the vehicle. Both of which must be aligned to ensure the truck is performing as originally intended.

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