Wheel Aligners from Supertracker

Wheel alignment refers to the angle and direction at which your tyres are set, and poorly aligned tyres can affect road holding and decrease the life of your tyres – this is why it is really important to check your wheels regularly. 

Supertracker wheel alignment equipment has become a very important part of any car’s maintenance and servicing. Our aligners are quick and easy to use, accurate and extremely durable – offering the user an opportunity to have a very fast return on investment.

The introduction of laser wheel aligners came into place in 1992, eliminating the power cable trailing across workshop floors – making the systems even more flexible in their use. Supertracker then introduced the first computerised aligner in 1997 to meet the requirements of customers by supplying them with print outs.

Laser Aligners

Laser wheel alignment is a way of using light beams to check your car’s wheels are set up as they should be. This means the wheels are set up to point at specific angles to ensure the car rolls along smoothly, not just pointing forwards.

This doesn’t mean simply pointing forwards, in fact, wheels are set up to point at specific angles to ensure the car rolls along smoothly.

To check the alignment, a technician will attach gauges to your car’s wheels and shine a light from one to the other. Depending on where the beams of light fall on a scale, the technician can see whether the wheels are in or out of alignment. With use of a Digital Camber Castor Gauge, Camber and Castor can also be measured. 

CCD Computer Aligners

CCD computerised aligners come with 4 measuring heads fitted to each wheel. These are able to communicate their physical positioning to a main computer, which then calculates, coordinates and displays the findings.

The data transmission interruption is eliminated because the aligner uses “BT2” Bluetooth, as opposed to normal Bluetooth, speeding the process up. The easy setup of the machines allows the wheel aligners to perform quick checks virtually anywhere in the workshop.

3D Aligners

3D wheel aligners have been in the market for a few years but typically use the “Crucifix system” forcing you to have a dedicated alignment area. The Supertracker 3D aligner operates using detachable heads fitted to the lift, meaning they can be used on multiple lifts, or even on the floor for quick checks!

These two measuring heads read the physical position of the 3D targets attached to the wheels. These 3-dimensional targets mean no roll back compensation is required, unlike traditional “3D aligners” using “2D targets”.

At Supertracker, we offer a range of different aligners to suit. View the products available here.

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