Why Choose Supertracker?

If you’re in need of an accurate and fast alignment system, alignment training, services or even accessories, Supertracker are here to help! 

We are the largest supplier of wheel alignment equipment in the UK, with over 30 years of experience in the industry! Take a look at exactly how far we have come over the years with our timeline.

The main concept of all our aligners is that they are quick and easy to use, accurate and extremely durable. We have sold over fifteen thousand systems throughout the UK, with some even being exported around the world. Our wheel aligners are a very important part of any vehicle servicing set up and bring a major contribution to any company’s profit line.

Our Aligners

  • All of our computer aligners are impressively quick, you’ll be able to obtain readings in as little as 59 seconds – allowing you to offer more frequent alignments to your customers.
  • With full training and easy step-by-step instructions supplied, wheel alignment has never been easier!
  • With periodic calibrations and full back up servicing, you can be sure that your aligner is reading correctly and accurately.
  • Don’t just take our word for it! Use our handy profit calculator to see exactly how much profit you will make and when.

A Fully Comprehensive Service

  • Our dedicated service team are ready to support our customers in the field. With fully stocked vans, our engineers are located all over the country, meaning help is never far away.
  • We offer full training and easy to follow instructions with all of our aligners to help get you started.
  • Whether your garage is audited or not, it is correct practice to have the calibration of your aligner checked. We have a team of service engineers who are highly trained and experienced in the use and maintenance of all our wheel alignment systems.
  • We have a range of accessories to go along with your aligner – take a look here.

Supertracker manufactures a range of products to suit each market. Our products are being used by every type of outlet including the major national tyre companies, franchised dealers, independent service garages, body repairs and tyre retailers.

Established in 1987, Supertracker has since grown to be the leading wheel alignment equipment manufacturer in the UK! 

For further information on any of our aligners or the services that we offer, contact a member of the team today.