How to Check Your Wheel Alignment in 6 Steps

While most wheel alignment issues are fairly mild in the early stages, they can quickly worsen and cause bigger problems. Therefore, it's vital to ensure that your wheel alignment is monitored regularly.

Our 6 Step Evaluation

1. Is your steering wheel straight when you drive your car?

2. Does your car pull or drift to the left or right?

3. Are you experiencing uneven tyre wear? 

4. Does your car understeer or oversteer? 

5. Do the tyres squeal on roundabouts? 

6. Does your car wander when driving in a straight line?


A Feathered Toe angle wear is caused by misalignment. It can be easily felt by running your palm along the tread clockwise or anti-clockwise.

B When the Camber angle is out it can cause long term smooth tyre wear on one side of the affected tyres. This can create a 'pulling' or 'drifting' effect, like a tyre with a radial pull or Caster problem.