A Commercial Aligner Boost from Plaxton

For the latest edition of the Supertracker Newsletter we are concentrating on the growing truck and bus alignment element of our business, and our editorial team recently visited Plaxton Limited in Sheffield. As part of the Alexander Dennis Group, Plaxton is a leading name within the UK and global passenger transport industry with over 20,000 of their buses and coaches in service around the world.

Dave Hutton, General Manager for the Plaxton Service Division explains that the department's main business is coach and PSV body repairs and in recent times as they have needed alignment facilities they have used outside specialists. However around twelve months ago Plaxton decided it would be more beneficial to purchase their own fully calibrated modern alignment system.

He says, “Having studied the alignment equipment market we decided to purchase from Supertracker for several reasons including that their STRT3 single steer commercial aligner offers everything we need. The equipment is very easy to understand and operate. Also the price was attractive as it represents 'good value for money'.”

Dave was also impressed by the extensive amount of training offered by Supertracker, not just when the aligner was installed, but as an ongoing service, although some of the Plaxton service engineers were already familiar with Supertracker aligners when working at other companies.
The STRT3 has significantly enhanced the way Plaxton service department works as they are now able to provide a fully professional alignment report for every customer regardless of the extent of damage to their vehicle. With Dave adding, “Its an added service that has certainly paid dividends as we can now complete a repair and alignment job even more swiftly by being able to do everything inhouse. In fact at Plaxton we now carry out an alignment check on every vehicle.”

For the future Plaxton are looking to further expand its growing mechanical side of the business as an additional support service to accident repair.
With Supertracker providing the alignment equipment for the country's largest truck and PSV body repair facility for all commercial vehicle marques it perfectly underlines our current project of building up the commercial aligner side of our business in the future.