Time to Take Alignment Down the Agricultural Route

Supertracker are now 'taking to the fields' and looking to further extend our product range portfolio with the imminent launch of our very first revolutionary new alignment model that efficiently measures light and medium sized tractors.

Our all-new laser based, four wheel agricultural aligner has been specifically designed and manufactured to take the concept of farm vehicle alignment procedure to an exciting new level of efficiency, and will work within the centre line of a tractor with the equipment being mounted onto the wheels.
It will also ensure extremely accurate alignment results along with the usual 'ease of use' to be found with all Supertracker wheel aligners, which is our recognised main rading ethos.

It is no secret that modern tractors are now able to achieve speeds of up to 40 miles an hour and this latest product venture has been fuelled by the request of both existing and potentially new customers for us to produce a special 'Agri' aligner which has opened up a whole new sales direction for the company.
At the moment this new exciting Agri Aligner is just emerging from the prototype model version and we will be revealing more product information including a model number and full equipment specification in our next Newsletter which will be published at the end of May.

It is also worth noting that tractors now operate in the fields, ploughing and sowing etc, using GPS and have computers on-board controlling their position, speed plus amounts of seed or fertilizer being applied. Meaning that wheel alignment has to be absolutely correct for these procedures to work properly.