The Importance of Offering Wheel Alignment as a Garage

If you’re a garage selling tyres to customers, you should also be selling wheel alignment to those customers too. After all, a restaurant doesn’t just sell a meal without a drink; the two simply go hand in hand. When fitting those tyres to a customer’s car, it’s important to then ensure the wheels they are fitted to are properly aligned. If not, it could bring your valued customers back complaining of problems you aren’t actually equipped to solve – such as vibrations or handling problems – and thus having to turn down valuable and often simple work.

This highlights the importance of having automotive alignment tools installed within your premises. With an alignment system in-house, after fitting the tyres, simply set the vehicle up on the wheel alignment machine and allow the system to do the rest. This provides you with all the information you need to then adjust the tracking within an acceptable range and return the customer’s car with a full report on the work carried out. You can offer an alignment check when fitting tyres as a part of the complete service, as well as a standalone service for people who may be concerned about handling or wear.

Wheel alignment is a quick earner for garages, and in many instances you will find that automotive alignment tools will pay for themselves in a very short space of time. 

Wheel alignment purpose for customers

Many customers think wheel alignment is an added extra they don’t need when paying for tyres, but in actual fact it’s an important part of car maintenance. Without properly aligned wheels, car maintenance bills can skyrocket and cause headaches for both owners and garages. It’s crucial that your customers understand the importance of wheel alignment and its benefits.

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Automotive alignment tools from Supertracker

Since 1987, Supertracker have become an industry standard name in the wheel alignment sector. We carry the very latest in automotive wheel alignment tools, including the ground-breaking Argos clampless wheel alignment system and the latest Argos Drivethru. We can help you determine which product best suits your business needs, and our experienced technicians can come out and install whichever you choose. We also have engineers on hand should you require any technical support.

To find out more about how Supertracker can help with your automotive alignment tools needs, or to learn more about any of our products, get in contact with our team today.