The Benefits of Wheel Alignment

Many people know that they should be getting their wheels aligned now and then, but the problem is, not so many know why.

Wheel alignment is a service required to check and correct the many technical devices which go together to form the vehicles steering and suspension system. The alignment of your wheels can affect the amount of wear and tear that tyres endure.

There are many advantages and benefits that come with getting wheel alignment and offering this service. Here are our top reasons why it’s good to invest in your tyre and wheel health - for you, your car and your bank! 

1. Improve Your Fuel Efficiency

When your wheels aren’t aligned properly, they don’t work together the way that they should. This, in turn, increases rolling resistance meaning the engine is having to work harder. With wheel alignment, you can rest assured that you are spending less money on petrol and creating less pollution! 

2. Vehicle Stability

If you notice that your car slightly pulls to one side even when you’re steering straight ahead, your wheel alignment may require adjustment. Having to adjust your steering as a result of bad alignment is tiring, distracting, ineffective and dangerous. Having your wheels aligned properly will mean that your car is easier to drive.

3. Increase Your Tyre's Life

Tyres, while they can be quite an expensive part, are very important. If regular wheel alignment is neglected, your tyres can wear our much quicker. Tyres that work in harmony with each other will take you a lot further.

4. Safer Braking Distance

Your tyres tread depth has a direct impact on your vehicle’s stopping distance and by having your wheel alignment regularly checked you can prolong tread life. Worn tyres are a serious risk, to drivers, passengers and pedestrians. Your stopping distance increases as the tread depth decrease, so driving, and more so, stopping in wet conditions can be significantly improved and made safer. 

Get Your Wheel Alignment Booked Today

We recommended that wheel alignment is completed once every 2-3 years, but you can read our 4 Misalignment Symptoms to Look Out For to see if your vehicle is ready for alignment now. Get in touch with a member of the team for more information on wheel alignment.