STR130RW Aligner Now Available

The Supertracker STR130RW provides you with the latest aligner technology. Quick and easy to use, accurate and extremely durable, this product has the capability of turning any workshop into a wheel alignment centre!

The STR130RW aligner allows quick checks to be carried out so your staff can effectively identify vehicles that need wheel alignment before they are put onto a lift or ramp. The fast set up speed increases efficiency by allowing your staff to carry out a large volume of alignments per day.

Computerised wheel alignment provides accurate wheel alignment results, so the vehicle can be adjusted accordingly. Computerised wheel alignment systems have additional benefits including access to essential information from the vehicle databank, so you can ensure wheels are aligned to a factory-fresh standard. A customer databank will provide you with quick access to the customer’s previous records, as well as giving you the capability to provide printouts displaying the results for records and customers.

Like the STR420RW in function, the user-friendly software is designed to make operation easy to navigate, and information easy to read. Not to mention, the useful assistance screens to support technicians on a variety of vehicle adjustments.

This wheel aligner uses the Supertracker hang on system – a tried and tested method of attaching the measuring heads to the wheels - these are able to communicate the physical positioning of the wheels to the main computer, which then calculates, coordinates and displays the findings with a measuring accuracy as low as 0.1mm!

If you would like to find out more information about our Supertracker STR130RW system, contact us today.

  • Extensive vehicle database
  • Customer database with full history recall
  • Full printout showing before and after readings
  • Adjustment help screens
  • Wheel hangers & measuring heads calibrated as a unit
  • Automatic thrust angle compensation

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