Wheel Alignment for EVs

The Importance of Wheel Alignment for Electric Vehicles (EVs)

As electric vehicles (EVs) continue to gain popularity it becomes increasingly important to consider the maintenance needs of these cutting-edge vehicles. Often overlooked, proper wheel alignment is a critical maintenance factor for EVs, ensuring optimal performance, safety, and longevity.

Preserving Tyre Longevity

Tyres are an expensive investment, regardless of the vehicle type. For electric vehicles, which often weigh more than their fuel counterparts, due to the battery packs, tyre wear can occur more rapidly. Wheel misalignment exacerbates this issue by causing uneven tyre wear. Unequal distribution of weight on each tyre puts undue stress on specific areas, resulting in premature and irregular wear patterns. Regular wheel alignments ensure that tyres make optimal contact with the road, minimising the likelihood of uneven wear.

Efficiency and range

Efficiency is at the core of electric vehicles, and maximising their range is a primary concern for both manufacturers and drivers. For those wondering: what does wheel alignment have to do with the range of an electric car? The answer lies in reducing rolling resistance. When wheels are misaligned, they can create friction against the road, leading to increased resistance and decreased efficiency. By maintaining precise alignment, EV owners can minimise unnecessary drag, allowing their vehicles to glide smoothly and conserve battery power.

Optimising Safety

Safety is paramount when it comes to any vehicle, and electric cars are no exception. Wheel misalignment can compromise the safety of an EV, negatively impacting its handling, stability, and braking efficiency. Misaligned wheels can lead to unpredictable steering behaviour, reduced traction, and longer stopping distances. Proper alignment can ensure that each tyre performs its intended role, maintaining consistent grip and stability, allowing drivers to respond effectively to potential hazards.

Preserving Technological Advancements

Electric vehicles are at the forefront of automotive innovation, boasting advanced technological features such as regenerative braking, torque vectoring, and dynamic stability control. These cutting-edge systems rely heavily on precise wheel alignment to function optimally. Misaligned wheels may disrupt the intricate balance of these technologies, compromising their performance and effectiveness. By ensuring accurate alignment, EV owners safeguard the full potential of their vehicle's advanced features, maximising their driving experience.

Understanding the importance of wheel alignment for electric vehicles represents an opportunity for garage owners. An opportunity to upsell a wheel alignment service. Having a straightforward wheel alignment system in your garage means you can offer accurate, intelligent and quick wheel alignment checks and alterations.

Wheel Alignment Systems

The CCD wheel alignment system from Supertracker is one of the most trusted CCD aligners on the market, backed by a national service team. With the ability to carry out a geometry check virtually anywhere in the workshop, no run-out required, stable and repeat readings, hang on system eliminating potential damage some other clamp systems may use and a simple and effective operating system.

For a system able to cope with the demands of an Electric Vehicle, look no further than the STR420 8 sensor wheel aligner. We also have 3-point clamps available for larger tyres.

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