Winter Driving and Tyre Safety

As winter approaches and temperatures drop, driving conditions often become dangerous.

During the colder weather, tyre and wheel maintenance is more important than ever. At Supertracker, we understand tyres and wheels and would like to share with you our top tips for keeping safe while on the road.

Invest in Winter Tyres

Many people are surprised to hear that air temperature has a significant impact on the effectiveness of your tyre performance. When temperatures drop below 7ºC, the tread compound of regular tyres begins to harden, providing less grip. Winter tyres have a different tread compound, which gives extra grip and shorter stopping times.

Swapping your regular tyres for a winter set can help improve the longevity of your regular tyres and increase safety during snowy weather conditions.

This is especially key for commuters and business motorists who tend to drive in the early morning or evening when temperatures are at their lowest. Once you have invested in a set of winter tyres, it’s important to get them fitted professionally - an ideal time to also have your wheel alignment checked. Our state of the art automotive wheel alignment equipment means it’s quick to check and highly accurate, getting you back on the road sooner. 

Check Your Tyre Condition

Due to the fact that stopping distances increase as the tyre tread depth decreases, driving and stopping in wintry conditions can be significantly improved with more tread on your tyres. It’s important to regularly perform visual checks on your tyres throughout the year, looking for lumps, bumps, cracks or objects lodged in your tyres. Ensure you have at least 3mm of tread across the central 3/4 of your tyres to give you the best chance of gripping on icy roads and stopping in an emergency.

If you notice that you have uneven wear across your tyres, this is a sign that your vehicles wheel alignment may need adjusting. Find your nearest Supertracker centre with our new Find an Alignment centre tool.

Adjust your Driving Style

When the months become cold, it’s important to adjust your driving technique to accommodate the changes to the road condition. Lowering your speed on potentially icy roads allows for longer stopping distances, helping you feel safe and increasing control.

Driving carefully and cautiously is key when setting off in the snow. Avoid spinning your wheels by keeping revs low, as this can cause premature wear of the tyres and reduce control. Take particular notice of how your car is handling whilst driving, as a misalignment of the wheels could affect how well your car performs in snow. Head over to our 4 Misalignment Symptoms to Look Out For to learn more.

Are You Ready to Hit the Roads this Winter?

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