STR1 Mobile

Our popular STR1 green laser system specifically for installation inside a mobile van. 

Features a robust, compact bracketing system which allows for maximum flexibility, to be located anywhere inside the van. 

The new green laser technology allows for greater visibility in a wider range of light conditions, as well as operate less power than red to achieve a higher light output. Once fully charged outside the van, the measuring heads can operate continuous for 15 hours, allowing for a full day of mobile wheel alignment. 

Can also be upgraded to measure Camber and Castor with use of a Digital Camber Castor Gauge.

Assembled in the UK - available with quick delivery.


Comprises of:

2 x bracketry system for hold a head and scale

2 x Measuring Heads 

2 x Rear Scales

1 x Steering Wheel Lock

1 x Pair Dished Turn Plates and bases

1 x Charger Unit

Calibration Certification.


Optional 12V charger option for charging inside the van coming soon.

  • Featuring green lasers for improved visibility, precision and clarity of the laser line in a wider range of conditions
  • Robust, space saving bracketry system for safe storage within any van
  • Long battery life of 15 hours from fully charged - charging outside the van
  • Fits 24” wheels as standard
  • Assembled in the UK – offering very short lead times.
  • Backed by a knowledgeable nationwide aftercare service team and fully stocked warehouse of spares
  • Flexible storage solution - heads and flags can be located in any formation inside the van

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